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Let’s hold off on the About Us stuff for a minute and talk About You.

You came here for a reason. We’re guessing a Google-search for “presentation designers” or “Powerpoint experts” brought you here. Perhaps you have an imminent need (your boss said, “find me someone…”) or maybe you’re here because you’ve heard about Radiate from a colleague or a social media post. Maybe you’ve already had a “look-see” at our Work and now you’re digging a bit deeper.

Here is where things get interesting. There’s a subset of you who will see it right off—the value.

You have an important project. The message is critical. The stakes are high. Reputations are on the line. Money is on the table. You have a new process requiring a clear explanation, or an audience of stakeholders waiting expectantly for a vision. Maybe you need a fresh approach to tell a story, make a pitch, report the facts, or you simply need to pass on knowledge.

You get it. You need help. Radiate might be the answer.

So this is where we talk About Us.

Clients hire Radiate because they have a mission-critical story to tell. One client told us he was tired of “doing shitty little Powerpoints.” He aspired to something better. He needed to communicate at a higher level. He wanted his audience to actually hear him and understand what he had to say.

Working with Radiate, you’ll tap into three main areas of our expertise:

Audience Focus

We believe the critical groundwork of effective presentations is a holistic understanding of the audience. What are they thinking? What are they feeling? In what context will they be receiving your presentation?

Visual Storytelling

Humans connect deeply to stories. At Radiate, we look for ways to weave the art of visual storytelling into every project—from presentation structure to content development.

Clarifying and Simplifying

Our world is experiencing information overload. Radiate is dedicated to stripping away the excess and eliminating the fluff until you're left with a crisp, clear message. We take the complicated and make it accessible.