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Using Stock Images in Presentations - Part 2

Welcome to the Haystack


In Part I of this article, we talked about curation strategies for your image searches. You click the “search” button and this is where the fun begins—welcome to the haystack…your needle awaits.

Row after row of tiny thumbnails are laid before you. You scan through the images, hovering your mouse over the ones that may work. When you reach the bottom, you click “next page” and start the process again. Depending on the keyword(s) you entered you may have pages and pages to review before you find that perfect image.

Here are some strategies for sifting through theses images and some thoughts and how to choose the best ones:

Set a Limit on Your Search



Sometimes the haystack is big—dozens of pages and hundreds of files. You need to a set a limit on how long you will review the results of a search. It can be a time limit or a page limit. I prefer a page limit. If I get 5 or 6 pages into a search and I haven’t seen any images that are singing to me, I perform a new search with a different keyword. There are times when I see a lot of images I like and it’s hard to stop because I feel like the next page will yield another great find. You need to put a limit on this type of search as well. There is a point when you have to say “I’ve got enough to work with…”

Use a Lightbox

Most stock photo sites offer the ability to collect photo images in a “lightbox.” This is a great way to collect images under a project name and refer back to them at a later date. This is a valuable tool for quickly identifying images that may work for your presentation. The images you set aside in the lightbox don’t have to be the final images—they can be potential images if nothing better comes along.

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