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The Long, Difficult Journey of Refugees to the United States

I read a thoughtful and well-reasoned Facebook post explaining the refugee admission procedure of the United States. It was written by a long-time immigration attorney from Ohio named Bryan Scott Hicks. In the post, Mr. Hicks laid out the entire arduous (18 to 24 month+) process of getting out of a war-torn country to a safe haven like (but not necessarily to) the United States.

I found the post so compelling, I decided to create an infographic based on Mr. Hick's original post. So check out the infographic. Please share if you find it interesting.

Note: I did reach out to Mr. Hicks and received his permission to publish his content in this format.

(Edits - 11/22/15: I removed references to Facebook censoring the post. Apparently, Mr. Hick's post was taken down for several hours while it was "reviewed" as potentially offensive. I also corrected the percentages in the map graphic at the bottom.)

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